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M&A Property Investors is a Pan-European real estate investment firm that makes equity and debt co-investments with real estate operating companies developing residential and mixed-use assets through Europe. M&A Property Investors is focusing on value-added, opportunistic real estate investments throughout the capital stack structure in joint-venture with seasoned partners

Who we are

The best of breed senior management having advised and managed in excess of Eur 15 billion of real estate, acquisition, capital markets and restructuring transactions throughout the world in the last 25 years.

Our philosophy

M&A Property Investors focus on investments not targeted by large-scale professionals but that require sophisticated financial investment, development and management plans for medium -scale investors.

What we do

M&A makes investments in stand-alone developments and provides capital solutions to seasoned real estate developers with limited access to capital in markets and projects where the underlying economic and property fundamental are stable. M&A focuses on investments into the GP side of equity transactions and Club Deal investments in fast-growing niches with other like-minded investors. We structure investments that adhere to our principles of comprehensive risk mitigation planning and implementation with strong returns on investments. We conduct comprehensive due diligence focusing on quality of construction, location and tenant profiles, market characteristics and any inefficiencies that exist in the assets.


M&A Property Investors’ strategy is to invest in off-market properties in cooperation with strong, local partners. We capitalise on investments not targeted by large-scale professionals but that still require sophisticated financial engineering and management strategies. We target unique small-medium scale investments that are not freely available in the conventional markets. We deliver our services through an opportunistic approach embracing our culture of honesty, integrity and empathy. The senior management team has a strong track-record of achieving results for their investors. We possess the rare ability to think outside of the box when developing innovative new investment opportunities for investors.

Our numbers 1Q. 2018

- 10 investments in progress
- 988 apartments under construction
- 351 EUR Mil Capital Expenditure
- 92500 Sqm of surface
  200 technicians, professionals and manpower


Our Senior Management Team has extensive experience investing in high-yield investments throughout Europe and has advised and managed in excess of €15 billion of real estate, acquisition, capital markets and restructuring transactions throughout the world.


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  • May 2011 - "M&A Investors Luxembourg Closes First 2011 € 20 MIl Securities Issue"

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  • Oct 2011 - "M&A Property Investors closes the first Joint-Venture in Czech Republic"

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Track record

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